Snap Happy

Well today was the day the photographer came. And when I looked around the room to decide where best to be seated for the ‘shot’ all I could see was gemmo paraphernalia from one end of the office to the other end. Granted the room is still not quite finished having its makeover, but there were books and pieces of equipment all over the place. And the walls are wallpapered with gemmology posters and articles, so the photographer faced his first challenge in finding a space to sit me without competing with the busy room. I am normally a fairly tidy and orderly person so all this mess is driving me crazy. Needless to say we achieved success and after about 100 photos !!! he left very happy. Probably 90 of them will be with eyes closed. Oh well I only need one to replace what is there now. So in a day or two you may see a new photo of me with a microscope. Another step closer to completion of rennovations and a tidy and well ordered office (as a Gemmologists office should be!).

~ by Jill Towers on November 24, 2011.

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